Hat HERO in school

A school yard can be a scary, dangerous place FOR A HAT…

Encouraging kids to use a Hat HERO clip will protect their hat from getting lost when not being worn or damaged from being squashed into their bag.

It will also keep the school tidy from scattered hats, which is especially perfect for preppies!

Protecting hats from being misplaced. Shielding hats from squashed bag syndrome. Promoting personal responsibility. Hat HERO’s are transforming messy schools into places of ordered chaos.

Banish hatastrophe’s from your school today!


New Preppies, Sports Days, Excursions, Sun Smart, Tidy Schools


Now available in theses schools: St Patricks, St Columbas, St Ambrose’s


Hat Clip is a Super fund Raiser for your school

Our business model allows us to give back to schools by providing them with the chance for easy fund raising simply by selling the HatHERO™ clips in uniform shops.

Contact us today to find out how ordering in bags of 25, 50, 100 or more, can be the perfect way to raise money for your school or club.

We will even provide you with easily downloadable PDF posters for you to print and hang in your uniform shop.