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HatHERO sold out!

Due to the difficulty in production as a result of COVID 19, the date for new supplies is currently unknown. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Where is your School hat? We asked Archer age 6

“It was stolen by someone! Blue hats are very popular at our school mum, everyone wants one!”

very small grin – not sure if he’s telling the truth.


School lunch breaks are when daily ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels peak. Due to this, many schools are introducing the policy

hat hero muncher-brians


This reinforces positive sun safety behaviour. With the Hat HERO school hats will always make it to the lunch break!


hatHERO’s need a holiday too… Take your HatHERO™ with you to the beach, to ensure your hats and goggles never blow away!

Hat hero Clip for school bags


A fabulous, innovative idea that simply clips school hat to bag, with your choice of interchangeable HatHERO™ character the perfect Hat Clip.

schools love hat hero

See how to attach the complimentary chain to your HatHERO™ Clip


“The hat clips are a fabulous, innovative, profitable idea. When displayed they were so simple to sell. Parents love the affordable concept and the idea of protecting and preserving school hats. They are a tidy, space saving idea for school and home.”

Renee Pfaender Uniform Shop St Columbas, Wilston, Brisbane.

“HatHERO™ is brilliant! This simple, yet effective clip is a fun-looking and tidy way to keep the hat and bag together in the one location. Much more organised approach for school bag racks, and no more missing hats around the playground and home. St Ambrose’s parents and children alike have really embraced the HatHERO™; children are more happily responsible for securing their school hats with the clips, and parents are finally relieved of the morning ‘hat search’ routine before school. Thank you HatHERO™.”

Lisa Miller St Ambrose’s P&F Secretary


The HatHERO™ clip was an idea created by two frustrated parents, tired of school hats returning damaged from being squashed into school bags or trampled upon at school or simply not returning home at all!
Call: 0419 709 875

qld gov hat hero hat clip
Assessed by The Office of Fair Trading 2015

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