Interchangeable plugs

The HatHERO™ clip is designed to allow for interchangeable plugs. New HatHEROs™ and HatMUNCHERs will be added to the production line in time.

The legend of HatHEROs™

Just like socks, for many years school hats have been misplaced, damaged or lost. Some students blame the increasing population of HatMUNCHERS. Although never seen, we are fully aware of their presence and their incredible appetite for school hats. HatHEROs™ have formed a kind of Justice League, defending school hats and keeping them safely attached to school bags.

Parents can now rest easily knowing that school hats and children are safe from the dreaded, elusive HatMUNCHERS!


muncher5 muncher6 muncher1 muncher2 muncher3 muncher4